Spatial Vis Classroom

Grade Level: Ideal for Intro to Engineering and CAD University Level Courses and High School Pre-Engineering

Lessons: Orthographic Projections, Isometrics, 2D and 3D Rotations, Flat Patterns, Assembly, and more!

Features: Automatic Grading and Feedback, Personalized Hints, Teacher Interface for Tracking Student Progress, Star Incentive System

Availability: Available for Apple and Android touchscreen devices

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Spatial Kids

Grade Level: Ideal for 3rd - 6th Grade

Lessons: 2D Rotations, Drawing in 3D, Orthographic Views, Tetrominoes, Flat Patterns, and more!

Features: Automatic Grading and Feedback, Students Work at their Own Pace, Star Incentive System, Animated Hints, and Teacher Interface

Availability: Available on iPad