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What is spatial visualization?

Students with strong spatial visualization skills can envision 2D and 3D shapes from any view and in relation to other shapes. These skills are necessary for STEM careers and can be improved through practice. Spatial Vis and Spatial Kids educational apps make that practice fun for students and measurable for instructors.

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Spatial Vis

Spatial Vis App is geared toward higher education and adults. 

Spatial Kids

Spatial Kids App is recommended for 3rd-6th graders.

Application Features


Automatic Grading

 Students get immediate feedback on each sketch and unlimited retries.


Personalized Feedback

If students get stuck on an assignment they can get a hint or peek at the solution.



Our star system rewards students for their persistence, a key in developing spatial skills.

Incorporating Spatial Vis or Spatial Kids into the classroom

Instructors who incorporate our apps into the classroom can see which students are excelling and which are struggling, using the Teacher Interface. Details for each student are presented in a dashboard view.

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